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This month we're donating 20% of each order to Rancho Compasion Animal Sanctuary! They are on a mission to provide a long loving life to rescued farm animals and change the perception around animals being viewed just as food. We couldn't be happier to help contribute to this cause!

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Meet Us!

Johnny - Owner

- Grew up in Vienna, VA

- Started MidnighTreats in 2018

- Loves Eating

Cris - Cookie Chef

- Grew up in Bolivia

- Helps makes hundreds of cookies each week

- Loves chips & french fries

Anna - Cookie Dealer

- Grew up in Oakton, VA

- Serves customers hundreds of cookies each weekend

- Loves art & drawing

The Best Giant Cookie Shop in NoVA

Welcome to MidnighTreats! We are the sweetest spot in NoVa to get delicious giant cookies delivered right to your door. Each cookie weighs over 1/3 of a pound—they’re about four times the size of a normal cookie. Plus, we make all our plant based cookies from scratch with vegan and dairy-free ingredients. We took months to perfect our recipe, and we’re confident it tastes just as good as (if not better than) any other cookie on the market. Our customers agree we’ve got something special at MidnighTreats. If you’re looking for the best plant based vegan cookies for delivery in NoVa, we’ll satisfy that craving. Order for immediate delivery or have them shipped anywhere in the U.S. If you live close by in Chantilly, we also offer pickup services, so you can get your cookies as soon as possible.

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