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Giant Shipped Cookies


We Ship Anywhere in the U.S.

  • All our cookies weigh over 1/3 pound (about 4x the weight of a regular cookie) and easily serves two people
  • We only mail orders on Wednesdays. Most orders ship the following week (ex. If you order Wednesday it won’t ship till the next Wednesday)
  • Please make sure your delivery address is correct and watch for your shipment to avoid having them sit outside. We are not able to refund or replace cookie packages for these reasons


**All our cookies contain WHEAT and SOY. Our kitchen contains the following Treenut (COCONUT) so none of our cookies are safe for those avoiding COCONUT. Some ingredients (such as Oreos) are produced in facilities that contain dairy & eggs.**


NoVa locals love our vegan cookies, but we want everyone to taste our delicious creations! If you want to try our giant dairy-free, vegan cookies, order online to have them shipped to your door. Build any pack you want below, and you can buy our vegan plant based cookies online now or send them as the perfect gift for your vegan friends!

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