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Cookie Info & FAQs


Cookie Info

How do pickups work?

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We are an online mail order business and do not have a storefront, just a commercial kitchen. If you want to save the cost of shipping you can order pickup online and then come by the kitchen and get your cookies. At checkout you will have the option to select a date/time that works for you and this can be as quick as an hour ahead of time on the same day.

The cookies are served after cooling with reheating instructions (They get a lot more flavor after they have cooled!)

Do I have to order pickup ahead of time?

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No but ordering online allows us to reserve your cookies! Unless you're just grabbing a couple cookies there's a chance we won't have what you want ready when walking in without an order.

How long will shipping take?

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Check the banner at the top of the page to see our next mailing days. Normal shipping days are Monday-Wednesday, from there it takes USPS about 1-4 business days to be deliver

About The Cookies

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We scratch make giant cookies! They weigh in at 1/3lb and have a nice crisp outside with a chewy (but not raw) inside. All our cookies are dairy-free and suitable for plant based and vegan diets!


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All our cookies are dairy-free/vegan friendly because all the ingredients are, but some ingredients (such as Oreos) are produced in facilities that contain dairy so cross contamination is possible. We have confirmed the sugar we use isn't filtered through bone char. You can click on the cookie picture to see a full list of ingredients.

**All our cookies contain WHEAT and SOY**

Reheat n' Eat (Optional)

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Toaster Oven/Oven/Air Fryer: Reheat whole cookie at 350°F for 5-8 minutes

Microwave: 10-20 seconds

If Frozen: Let thaw at room temperature first

Freeze & Stock Up (Optional)

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If you know you won't eat all your cookies you can freeze and save them for future munching. Cut them in half before freezing then reheat directly from the freezer! Follow the same reheating instructions but aim for the higher side of the range. If you didn't cut in half before freezing we've found it best to let thaw to room temp before reheating.

Shelf Life

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9 Days - After that we recommend freezing any leftover cookies. If you know you won't eat all of them when the package arrives, you can put some in the freezer immediately

Nutritional Information?

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We do not have the nutritional info calculated. When tracking we use the Tollhouse cookie item listed in MyFitnessPal and enter the weight of the piece of cookie eaten for a comparison.

We have the ingredients of each cookie listed, to view them click on "Read More" for whichever cookie you're checking out when building a pack.

Refund Policy

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Please make sure your delivery address is correct and watch for your shipment to avoid having them sit in bad weather conditions. We are not able to refund or replace cookie packages for any reason


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We have researched and polled whether or not Oreos are vegan and the overwhelming response was Yes! A lot of vegans say they eat Oreos since the ingredient list passes inspection

Do you have any gluten free cookies?

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No we don't, sorry!

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