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5 Compelling Reasons To Eat More Cookies

5 Compelling Reasons To Eat More Cookies

Fellow sweets lovers, it’s time to come out of hiding! Embrace your love of desserts and proudly stand behind your passion for all things sugary. What’s holding you back from indulging in the occasional cookie or six? Judgment? Shame?

Well, no more! The next time you want to sink your teeth into a crisp chocolate chip, a soft, fudgy double chocolate, or crunchy oatmeal cookie, do it!

Here are five compelling reasons to eat more cookies to quiet your inner guilt trip. You’re welcome!

They Give You Joy

Seriously, what better way to give yourself a pick-me-up on a hard day than treating yourself to a cookie? Cookies give us humans inner peace all the time: you know what’s often spotted at joyous occasions like weddings and birthday parties? Cookies! We shouldn’t call them cookies; we should call them “happy circles.”

They Are Delicious

Truly, they are. What a perfect symphony of ingredients! Some cookies hug the line between sweet and savory, leaving you feeling fulfilled.

They Are Transportable

No other dessert is as portable as a cookie. You can fit them in purses, pockets, coin wallets, regular wallets, lunch boxes, moving boxes, gym bags, book bags, suitcases, or briefcases. You can’t do the same with cake slices, ice cream cones, or even T-bone steaks! Cookies make a delicious snack on the go!

There Are So Many Different Kinds

Do you know how many cookies there are in the world? A lot! You must start eating cookies regularly to find your favorite! There’s an impossible number of flavor combinations available.

They Will Help You Make Friends

If you’re looking for a way to be more popular, having cookies on you at all times will make you more likable at the office, the gym, school, and even your home. There is no better way to connect with people than over a plate of cookies with a glass of milk.

They Will Give You Nostalgia

Remember the good times? No? Well, you can live in the past with cookies! Eating cookies is a quick way to time travel back to when you were little and didn’t have to worry about bills, loud neighbors, or fighting traffic.

Feel free to use these compelling reasons to eat more cookies whenever you want—we made them for you. Order a giant cookie delivery from MidnighTreats right now! Find joy, nostalgia, and friends today!

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