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Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Cookies Fresh

Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Cookies Fresh

Picture this: you just ordered some giant cookies. They arrive. They’re fresh. They’re warm. You take your first bite and the cookie melts in your mouth. It is everything you wanted and more. However, you ordered too many. Your eyes were bigger than you stomach. There’s no way this second cookie will taste as delectable tomorrow, but you just can’t make room in your tummy for another bite.

If this scenario ever happened to you, fear not. We are here with some tips and tricks to keep your cookies fresh.

Store Them in an Airtight Container

Instead of throwing the cookie in a bag or keeping it in the packaging it arrived in, transfer your leftovers into an airtight container. Plastic or glass containers that you typically put your leftover meals in should work fine. Storing your cookies away from the fresh air helps to preserve their freshness and keep them better for longer.

Don’t Forget Your Bread

This trick may seem a tad out of the box—but trust us, it works. In that airtight container, throw in a piece of fresh bread. A slice of bread can even keep your cookies fresh in a regular baggie.

The moisture from the slice of bread makes its way into the cookies which keeps them soft, moist, and tasting as delicious as they did the day before.

Freeze Them

If you know you’ve reached your cookie limit for the next few days, then freezing your cookie leftovers is the best option to keep them fresh.

Expert Tip: Don’t freeze a hot cookie. Let your leftover cookies cool completely before putting them in the freezer.

Put your soon-to-be frozen cookies in a freezer-safe bag or airtight container. For extra points, write the date you froze them and what kind of cookies they are on the container, so you know what you’re eating a few months from now—that’s right, months. You can keep your cookies fresh in the freezer for up to six months.

Now that you know how to keep your cookies tasting fresh and delicious long-term, you may be craving some cookies. If you’re looking for giant cookie delivery, you’re in luck. MidnighTreats delivers our freshly-baked vegan cookies right to your door. Check out our selection of delicious, one-of-a-kind cookies to fill your craving.

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