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The Best 3 Ways to Enjoy a Delicious Cookie

The Best 3 Ways to Enjoy a Delicious Cookie

Are you wondering how to enjoy a delicious cookie to its fullest potential? Sure, you can just chew it and swallow it, which people have done trillions of times, but there are other ways to savor the sweetness and crunchiness of a phenomenal cookie.

Before you tear into your next batch of treats, explore the best three ways to enjoy a delicious cookie!

Get a Glass of Milk

Ahh, a glass of milk and a cookie—is there anything more iconic? Dunking a cookie into a cool glass of milk adds a creaminess that everyone’s taste buds applaud. But before you start dunking away, you need to know some ways to optimize your cookie dunking.

Use a Fork!

Stab that cookie with a fork and completely submerge it in the milk. The fork method allows for total submersion, allowing every cookie morsel to bathe in that creamy liquid.

Have Patience!

If a quick dunk is all you want, okay, that’s fine—you must have a bus to catch or something. But with a bit of patience, you can hold that bad boy in there for a moment. Let every crumb soak.

Do the Tomahawk Dunk!

Place your beloved cookie into two hands behind your head, and with a running start, tomahawk dunk that awesome disc of goodness straight into the waiting glass of milk.

Make an Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Hey, you know what’s better than a regular sandwich? An ice cream cookie sandwich, obviously! Making one might sound really involved, but it’ll only take a couple of minutes, and it’s a gamechanger. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, you’ll need to decide on your cookie and ice cream flavor combo. Hint: Anything works.
  • If your ice cream is in anything larger than a pint container, you can dollop a scoop in between your cookies. Once that’s done, you can eat it!
  • Do you have a pint container of ice cream? Now things are going to get interesting. Get a serrated knife. Place the pint on its side and carefully cut out some ice cream. Peel off the cardboard and place that section in between your two patiently waiting cookies.

The second part of your life now begins. Enjoy.

Eat With Friends

One of the best three ways to enjoy a delicious cookie is to eat cookies with friends! Dive into your favorite cookies with ice cream, milk, or your bare hands! Order vegan cookie delivery in Nova from MidnighTreats right now!

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