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6 Housewarming Gifts New Homeowners Will Actually Appreciate

6 Housewarming Gifts New Homeowners Will Actually Appreciate

Have your friends recently bought a home and you have no idea what to get them? No fear—that’s why we’re here! Knowing what to get someone with a new home is hard because who knows what they do behind closed doors. Probably cool stuff, but you never know.

Check out these housewarming gifts new homeowners will actually appreciate!

Welcome Mat

Come on in! You know what everyone likes? Not having muddy footprints all over their new place. Gifting a welcome mat is a great idea because you can wrap it as a gift or plop it down outside their door on your way into their housewarming party. After all, God only knows what people are going to drag in.

A Bottle of Alcohol

Unless they’re in recovery (or you think they should be), give them a bottle of the bubbly or whatever their preferred poison is. Champagne is fancy, scotch is classy, and wine gets the job done! Plus, when you bring alcohol to your friends’ house, you’ll probably get to drink some, too. Win-win!

Personalized Bird Feeder

What’s a more perfect way to celebrate your friends’ new domesticity than a personalized bird feeder? Giving them a bird feeder is also a great gift for their cat because cats are awesome and love to watch birds. Do they have one? Be sure to pet it, find out its name (hopefully, it’s a celebrity pun like Ferris Mewler), and whether the cat knows it’s a good kitty. We’ll wait.

Tiny Wreath

Help them spruce up the place and give them a tiny wreath to hang on their front door. Give them a seasonal one or a pretty little thing they can have hanging year-round. Every time they come home, they can be like, “Aww, that’s our cute house with the tiny wreath.”


Plants are always a housewarming gift staple. But not just any plant—a succulent! This independent foliage don’t need no man to water them every day, but they will need someone to give them a splash every few weeks or so. Plus, succulents are also non-toxic, so your friend’s cat Puma Thurman will be safe and sound.


If you want to be a true hero, the best gift of all the housewarming gifts new homeowners will actually appreciate are cookies. Everyone loves cookies, especially giant cookies made from vegan ingredients! Order vegan cookies for delivery from MidnighTreats before your next housewarming party invitation arrives and give them a taste test beforehand.

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