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Vegan Friendly/Dairy Free

We bake to order vegan cookies so you can buy them online and have them mailed to your door! Our cookies are marked dairy free/vegan friendly because all the ingredients are so, but we are NOT a vegan/dairy free kitchen so cross contamination is 100% possible and those with severe dairy allergies should avoid.

Important Shipping Info:

  • We have a no-frills packaging to keep your shipping costs as low as possible, because its the cookies that matter!
  • We ship Mondays-Wednesday and use USPS Priority Mail so weather/other delays are out of our control!
  • Please make sure your delivery address is correct and be watching for your cookies arrival to avoid having them sit bad weather conditions, we are not able to refund or replace cookie packages for any reasons!

**We don't use any peanuts or dairy in our kitchen, all our cookies contain wheat, soy, and coconut**

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