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About Us

MidnighTreats began with the purpose of being a late night cookie delivery service in the NoVA area, then after a year of making crazy amounts of cookies and burning through hundreds of pounds of butter and eggs we realized we had an opportunity to do our part in fighting animal cruelty and reducing our environmental impact on the planet. If people see their favorite foods and desserts (cookies!) can taste just as good if not better without animal ingredients then making a change in our society will be a lot easier.

So I began researching vegan/dairy-free baking techniques & substitutes and about 8 months of testing later, converted all of our cookies to being 100% dairy-free/vegan friendly without any sacrifice in taste, texture, or looks!

Now we are on a mission to prove eating vegan/plant-based does not mean suffering through salad only diets, giving up your favorite guilty pleasures, or eating foods with weird after tastes and our cookies are the proof. We don't always market or list ourselves as a vegan cookie company because people immediately become biased on how the food will taste but we've yet to find someone who has been able to tell our cookies are not "normal cookies" without being told! So we hope to promote positive change one cookie at a time by offering people a product that actually tastes better when avoiding animal ingredients and giving everyone a place to satisfy their midnight munchies!

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