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Top Reasons Why Cookies Make the Best Gift

Top Reasons Why Cookies Make the Best Gift

Putting a 20-dollar bill into a birthday card is a safe present, but it’s also boring. Instead, send a baked hug to your loved ones and see a smile on every face! Here are the top reasons why cookies make the best gift.

So Much Variety

Chocolate chip. Gingersnaps. Oatmeal raisin. Snickerdoodles. Shortbread. Peanut butter! The list goes on and on, and you can be sure that there’s something for everyone. Even vegans can get in on the fun with tons of dairy-free options. If you’re sending cookies to a picky friend, they’ll be even more excited when you find them exactly what they like.

The Sharability Factor

When your friends move into a new apartment and you want to send a housewarming gift, you want to find something that everyone can enjoy. If she likes wine and he likes beer, you’re in for a lot of shopping around. Cookies work as a birthday present, a graduation gift, and so much more!


One of the trickiest parts about gift giving is finding the perfect present for someone and realizing it’s just out of your price range. A milestone like a wedding or a baby shower calls for a big box of cookies, but you might also want to send a few to your friend as a get-well-soon gift. With cookies, you can tailor the order to your exact needs.

Giving Happiness

Nothing brightens someone’s day like a cookie. The smell alone is enough to turn a bad day around! When you know someone needs a pick-me-up, send them the most comforting comfort food of all.

Whether you’re looking for non-vegan or vegan cookies for delivery, we’re here to bake you some love at MidnighTreats. Now that you know the top reasons why cookies make the best gift, send a batch to someone you love today.

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